Giving Options

Thank you for giving! Your tithes and offerings are tax deductible.


An offering plate is set at the back sound/media counter to give in person. For a tax-deductible receipt, ensure you use our offering envelopes filled in with your contact information.


Please send your giving to

All transfers are set to auto deposit. Offerings are received to the general church funds unless the intended ministry is specified in the message box. Also include your personal details (full name and address) in this box for a tax-deductible receipt. If you have any questions please let us know.

**Please note: when you set up Kitimat Pentecostal as an e-transfer “recipient” in your online banking (using it will ask you to set a question and answer for security which is normal for e-transfers. This is not optional. However, please also note that since we have activated “auto deposit”, when you send the transfer it will display a message that we have enabled “auto deposit” and therefore the question will not be answered and money will be deposited right away*